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Digital media is opening big doors

for brands like yours.

Digital Media. Smarter.

TRAFFIQ is for brand and agency marketers who use digital media to drive their brands’ messages, revenues, and overall business goals.

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For Agencies & Brands

We are a boutique agency practice with big agency experience. We specialize in growing brands in retail, healthcare, travel & hospitality, and financial services and more.

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We’re more than media software & services. The diverse experiences, cultures, and brand-savvy of our people put the IQ in TRAFFIQ.

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We Demystify Digital

You face countless options in digital media planning and buying, and TRAFFIQ strives to simplify them by providing optimal media solutions and strategies to accomplish your business goals. Because we were born from technology, we are uniquely positioned to keep our finger on the pulse of the digital universe. With creative thinking, a strategic approach, and a focus on in-depth analytics, we achieve your desired results.



Combining human interaction and technology is essential to campaign optimization.


Strategic Approach

Yield maximum ROI through cost-effective direct response planning and buying.


Focus on Analytics

Analytics define our success in reaching our clients’ goals.

Supporting the Brands We Love

From our Blog, The TRAFFIQ REPORT

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Search & Display Tips for Niche

If the web is a global marketplace, then why is nobody searching for the products you sell? Low volume can’t always be solved with more hair product. In terms of digital advertising, low volume will undermine most search engine marketing campaigns before they ever get off the ground. Before you get slapped with an LSV (Low Search Volume, for the uninitiated) and save a lot of money on un-clicked SEM ads, consider spinning your sad twist of fate back in your favor: You’re not unwanted, you’re just niche. Read more.

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Taking the Career Path Less Traveled

“The industry today is that… everybody wants to be the next Google. New products are emerging everyday. There is a lot of ‘middlemen’ selling everybody else’s inventory. You really have to have a keen eye to understand what the source of the inventory is, how viable that data is, where it comes from, where they’re getting it from, and what the performance metrics are for the campaign in order to make really good recommendations and decisions for your client,” Lori Goldberg, CEO. Hear the full podcast.

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AdExchanger talks TRAFFIQ with Lori

“We were building a model that could be self-serve, and what we found was that they really wanted our services team to do the work for them,” CEO Lori Goldberg tells AdExchanger.

In the below interview, she touches on Traffiq’s current market position, “programmatic premium,” and the evolving role of the digital agency. Read it.

TRAFFIQ in the News

Case Study Snapshots

These brief snapshots profile our breadth of digital services and the success we've achieved for our customers.

Data Tree
Simplifying the Media Planning Process

TRAFFIQ’s goal is to simplify the digital planning and buying process. The Data Tree helps planners by differentiating our current data partners from each other by identifying their unique value proposition and methodology. Our interactive guide identifies each providers capabilities based on specific targeting needs: demographic, behavioral, semantic/contextual, search keyword retargeting, social, specialty, brand/product ownership, creative, or audience analytics.

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